Alcohol and bar,

Glow of face,
Glow of face,

Alcohol and bar,

Alcohol and bar boozing, Year after year, what is the spirit of oil cake glass.

There is nothing special to look for opportunities, Empty  thirst is just glass.

Some do care uncle own age, Put one foot in tomb life of whom will junkyard the .

request of dry lips made pray  love lashed across town, Visit buds bloom color and smell.

Whenever the driver is goblet, At the heart of the matter comes on tongue.

Seems cheek associations pen, tongue before they can open the heart in secret.

Army slaves observed ahead of minarets, Straight from the heart of such a giving heart reaches.

There is nothing special to look for opportunities, Only lips thirst is just glass.

Year after year it was no different, lover in every bad situation continues .

Phrases were low last year, New Year’s at the open mouth stand on front of.

What was your eyes drown in scale, Drinks are served in the hands of the bloodthirsty head of party.

The spectacle of universe museum just bodies, money rate buy and sell at any period.

Take toll exists in a few coins, What are stopped anyone’s spiritual character .

Just life openly raised the curtains fall, big the infamous spectacle every just daily life.

You were the operate my liver, Now those same letters in winter bonfire burn daily.

Glass slowly descends from the image, Front embraced for the poor should be carrying resurrection.

In dreams off as glass, If we could make the point that lead slip away peacefully

Remove the drapery of love formidable, All of the dictates weak dreams.

Do not ask how ghalib recently, pray brought your character from your photo .

Fire not satisfied where, Let spirit destroy in body.

dreams That these winds, The birds of the heavens in the home is now made love.

Where is the legal happiness sake, Say good bye to anyone of any sweet heart.

Unemployed all of them all of them doing nothing, Miracle of God’s creation, so to speak twenty-five .

Year after year are the same, The same year that we just be mine celebrated.

Poverty plays on the court if life, All in all our game.

We shall set out the business from home, Man has changed the health hope and mood  seen.