beloved death,

beloved death,
beloved death,

beloved death,

beloved death was a matter of limitation, Two moments of quiet sleep in the arms of two.

Smile of lips as simply roasting your impudence, If i thought style or the weather or love can put the head of blame.

Ego of heart was stuck on the go, Otherwise love did not work too cruel.

Listen to story of the silent breath of love, A heart condition is not descriptive in wording .

continue takes revenge from the right heart, are belong spiritual connection.

Human are not a devotee, of town just went round to every coin .

Shiver not move from two meals, Of rash and how should poor.

And now things are emotions were,  Round was then relaxed. Poor is now weak.

flower not bloom in the springtime, Buds are relax in desert in springtime.

These are love philosophy that exploits mischief heart, all Age innocent heart is just suffering the brunt .

Do not look now dangerous animals, People around town seem eating .

When the divorce desert tax counsel at human big prince shamelessly say human.

Come on silently by meadows, The song is a sung by valley in silently.

poor man face was so disliked it, Then why put human a heart.

Now let me say my color deferent soil is poor, What will happen to the identification of dust of human.

Which was turned away from lamps joined, Blinder is still wandering in the streets in the evening .

Son of human get hooked by all, Human eyes not just a single.

Was the name of a colony son of human,  I now hear that there yahoo in human hooked .

human loved seeing mischief, Appearance of tricks was not guessing.

They were children who were equally innocent older, dry was shabby leaves Branch .

Man lost in tradition of dreams, Throne made tears in wilderness stone eyes .

Kohinoor, who crave to eyelids, Stone is stuck in a liver .

wound are not having the ointment, thrones filled eyes is not just choose the beads from the eyelids.