Cold tossed wind,

Cold tossed wind,
Cold tossed wind,

Cold tossed wind,

Cold tossed wind pain in night, Neither poetry nor an ode water remains so fire.

evening Waste of my comfort zone and do not get a artisans by me, Shall I speak to your character, your poet property.
By night owl own eyes, Pray for me their sleep tonight .

Leave to cross wires on the moon, Eyes we only have around watching world.

Value of attraction not move the pick, When will this become style coziness an ode.
Loneliness may be a party of evening ode, After matching the separation is not impossible.

evening Is readied by his delicate, They are all the more beautiful and sad seem.

evening Across the city to have the custom of sadness, Seeing the treacherous an ode felt smiling attractive.

The city is not poisoned, Must repair the sun’s rays before adapting.

Some in the party an of Ghalib writes, We pick up every evening r just glass.

Remember thou not thy right, Happiness of evening not underlie my every whim of sad.

I will also make the heart is fraudulent, Is also sequestered me in evening party of ode.

find of flower celebration and fragrance, garden had never thought would be so sad to poet.

You also have to sad evening, I will obviously be sad tonight too cloistered.

Now he’s not even in evening, Past of which was through your hairstyle.

eyes was not anyone on our happening, So then when we touched her cheek ouch.

In the fourth round is nowadays saw your face, I’ll make a poet wrote an ode on your eyes and face.

Get thee to the moon, the stars at night is passed, You tell me now how your recent.

Bring bring beach sink. Boat man could not give any edge to some boats.

I sleep at night to the heart is relaxed, After a night in their aspect to her.

Many drown while coming on the moon find, Young in the eyes of man is his depth .