Confirms choked breath,

Confirms choked breath,
Confirms choked breath,

Confirms choked breath,

Confirms choked breath, Your memories of the tension on the neck is heavily .

Straw made up on the bed, drag night, She was asleep, oblivious heart stumbled Poor.

Today, all that live in the city sadness of circulation, shall keep squeezed tears showers is also heavily.

Not much changed world of soulless all, Somebody told herself not to hit the shift time .

He makes my valentine, Oh God eyes kowtow to every paid killer .

Dew be found on the burning sand, You love every day joins prayers become .

It is irrational style love heart beloved, tells worship God in the heart .

Light burning in the ruins of the mother.

U can not come across to me in my every pray of love is transported.

Nowadays the public to be parked, emotions flying winds are not empty imagination.

So no longer can live in simplicity just not God take you in intelligent of love.

where the pray themselves were low, Unfaithful  heard a messiah into a poet.

Imagination a flower of garden were placed in punishment company . daily turned himself here from every buds.

The prayers of all ages of karma r mercy, How to find and run the gathering travelers .

Satire in this matter is that all worship beloved in love worship.

blame not let you out of your infidelity, We love to reward understand of destroyed.

Give a chance to pair of infidelity, Lover Surrey market dead by his force .

But an ally of age in a waste, Beloved deserve joins himself to death on the death.

The name comes from my lips as a prayer, No work of a man, save heart.

Introduce to life big had removed herself a beautiful actress of mask so we were not able .

Do not let the name of poetry to my impudence, Felt Foot blisters are at the heart lamp of party .

A home to someone’s heart is broken, Dumb love was not crazy with religion.

Way to make money by saying four people business stand dumb heart stopped .

Realizing that mood of the interesting facts internal sadness drank in the just dumb .