Dried wheat,

Dried wheat,
Dried wheat,

Dried wheat,

Dried wheat fell like slaughtered, Owns its lush crop destroy.

Get to know the ever growing feet, style is never on the floor of Velvet .

Tell to boozers glass flying elsewhere, The number of dead in the city is heavily.

request to gentlemen, The waves themselves are returned to the heart of a recent exhibition at the.

Say something you listen, Karma also some arrogant eyes request.

Throne made no drip, My heart is dry sea full .

By writing on beach an ode, waves again erases .

Ocean of ink pens, I write to you all night, strings of eyes .

smile blame keep eyes on the lips, Your recent coziness in to repent oops .

If only to win in life break, Now celebrating today still learn from failure.

Do not let the name of my failure, time will hit the poor not so .

Bar tender Give sad got two sips, No one like celebration. celebration of destroy.

A recent heart still not perfect, sadness of love not failure.

coincidence life everything right, life itself not a coincidence .

Thy thoughts before you come back, Do not love it, then tell coincidence.

The night investigating company guys, coincidence not stuck overnight.

Getting the right eyes coincidence, flowers not say the bloom coincidence.

Poverty is a heavily holly than me, white too heavily into my shroud show me .

You are not any breath of spirit value not, only city veils tombs.

Which also have an religion, In order to be relieved of the Human breath.

funeral after my death was an awning solid, So let’s ask what was recently living destroy.

Do not ask how much travel was lamps, Of each district before sequestered himself all night and it was extinguished.

The flowers were my part, heat Weather from drafts were all sleeping .

heat Reacted in slow motion evening shattered after a drowsy, Somewhere Far Beyond the rich deserted city of asleep with covered green scarf .

Some tales weave stories, Some grandparents counting with moon and stars.

In the courtyard of the house lying on a bed, poet was heat last night.

The number of dead in the city is heavily, Tell to boozers glass flying elsewhere .