Face mischief mirror ,

Face mischief mirror ,
Face mischief mirror ,

Face mischief mirror ,

Face mischief mirror , eyes come in themselves, worlds feels fantastic around the character would say human.

Experience of age it says, thirsty the city until the night they never flagging hope of lamp .

How many leisurely slept under the flyover bridge, As their intersection was the pride of the city around

Then came a reminder of dreams of elder  remembered, Take the wishes of the elderly to save those who are destined to get pampered .

May’ll love, word rate word of paper  misrepresentation pen has matured .

I’m a bit scattered in the river slides through the fist rate, May’ll be forgotten time bit anonymous .

Now the only thing left in the city unemployed, the hidden letters in the newspaper in the morning and evening beloved reading .

Just streamy lamps be poor in the flame of hope, Burning embers are feeding on flowers .

Glory has also come out against you came, Here is yet  autumn season of Bliss.

Look at the passion of the waves up big immodestly, How do you awaken in the heart in hope joins beach.

Some clouds will passed from beach philosophy is simply, irrelevant leaky at earth burning in wet drop .

What to Expect, What to do if blame when time world of his poor.

Human of daily mirror in case you change your, We harvest flower of gardens made sandalwood .

daily is a fan of blooms in gardens do not squander, It blooms in mud of knowledge .

elders is the greatest gift you have ever other life heart that ever loved ones robs ideas.

Big killers tempers are always having beauty, weak felt down here is the funny heart .

How many went off to see mischief of glory, Who just did not know how to die .

mischief eyes of fire . water will also drapery, Where is the heart of the rain season, will protect.

Now a days it does not own actions, a dolly on to dominate the season like heart .