Felt breath,

Felt breath,
Felt breath,

Felt breath,

Felt breath give everyone takes my face like doctor . I stayed in a live miles away from himself .

People sitting in the boat mosquito catch dead fish along the river. Scientific ration she would think to eliminate malaria from route.

Passion to eradicate poverty crippled foot searching also take miles. Distances are not joint wire in poor households, and in the hearts .

if could hear the bells, hear my footsteps. Sounds are so far into the night silence.

Most of the lovers r ultimate. cut wires moon night. The man is desperate to see a smiling day .

breaking heart be happy with thy lips be smile . Ah, we will not do us blame .

Like the worlds was with me throughout gifts . smile of Your lips is the heart of strong desire.

Whenever she sees where businesses across eyes of hell. Coming on the lips is always at the heart of smile.

The rest of the recipe for peace. Kites are cut out on the outskirts power of air existence.

Voices r emerge as heart praying. Valley garden flower smiles in bloom .

Moon stars on tongue things. Secret of flower bloom feed on lips smile love not so much these .

No matter who has been on the lips made smile . A heart is in the depth of which is stitched or secret.

At the heart of open hint do so wet. The diocese also not tolerated on the lips too ruddy .

The hearts of the wire must Joint distance  borders. One depreciation voice just which should open on tongue .

Just wire was not cured uphold big sensitive data. So far out time of life broken with hand .

distance Who have poor color and smell the meantime. break have leaped from peace of highest flower of buds .

Why is this difference in heart . Which is why everyone rushed heart smoke is seen .

With hand raised in a poor city of compliments in god . You must get together from churches to mosques temple .