Monsoon had hit,

Monsoon had hit,
Monsoon had hit,

Monsoon had hit,

Monsoon had hit the water in the fire of a separator, winter take years to change the pus accumulates just.

Had he listened to the heart was legal, eyes also engaged in unbecoming ringing enemy.

Is walking in the heart of hearts influx of others, Before now, my heart was not so simply dishonest to me .

Parties burns in the burning towers, Lamp brighten up the street in the shadow lives .

flowers now becomes the color and smell thrones to gardener stings, if Epic harvest should grow out of garden flower .

Across the city does not belong, Now days there are many people with mania means .

What is on fire throughout the city, Sky morning, evening and night is crying felt.

Love working poor remuneration be urgent, heart and mind spent in the street on love .

Take it came to understanding, The tax take distressed love .

A enemy be at the heart of the poor things do not waste of time ages are passed strong.

Faith friends what to expect. So the enemy could not even play here .

If love is little little pain of poisoned enemy, in front of earth does not otherwise be unable to love as love is heaven.

Do not destroy country breeds, It has destroyed my first fire of enemy.

enemy Hearts so, If not do not belong argument, Honest man right over the good the enemy of friendship.

If throw out enemy obsession with blood, or what peace and tranquility to the hearts Sleeping in heaven.

Across the city are born political animal, Among the dead men would spread the enemy.

Were his own, seemed momentarily, pain and changed our world of one eyes .

believe was heavily on the extent of your promises, The right of way of a heavily thy will enemy.

How dangerous is this man in heaven, In the heart of dumb passed world does not enemy.

BE A MASS love was a waste of all world, tears of us laughing and laughing drink eyelids are glass poisoned glad.

me will now complete when all of seen of destroy by enemy be yours, and we’ll see the spectacle .