proved prestige,

proved prestige,
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proved prestige was alive and in a position, A fear of dying that should not discredit spirit.

human does not find things so i looked the same case, Heard across borders are also a dreaded poet rate.

if at night writing of love passion to be moving. Do not have my name on the lab dumb unbridled breath will control.

If  Who settle somewhere and take, lover safe live in the hearts of beloved.

hopeless us was we were enemies, Four friends and soak up the eyes.

Was there then, it should not past time . Is still a fear that does not stop the river of memories .

Poverty puts the fear of God into you heart, It does not heaven show in face.

Never seen than them selves, devil is hiding in quality of human.

Human who looks smell . loved forth big what they have been relaxed.

Fear of losing was still, Whenever made thee not my .

Would have fallen into ignorance, A dolly uphold not control the heart in young age.

Every human being is a bit scared . Why is sequestered in left. Glory of party myself cosiness.

Why, Human of humans, humans happiness is scorched. So for the sake of humanity, human sad.

Why A mendicants keeps your loved ones, but no one goes with, The price of imprudence life four rupees stand .

According to Co face come XII. lamp also be blown off the road to the burning house lamps.

So come out from inside the house lights off and close door by aldrop . Neighbors who dropped. 

The pit is left. Nobody should die in the pit is a non. The poor nature of man. 

human Is the better than animal, The question is why is not that person. The question that humans.

Why is the rate of the human being as a poet

Whose only crime is spirit, He pointed out what frank of proved.