religion be proceeded,

religion be proceeded,
religion be proceeded,

religion be proceeded,

religion be proceeded by a million right different, But we have heard of the fragrance of flower not matter in the soil heat.

Everyone in the scene is reached, And flower  proceeded without seeing faith and religion.

A across from her poor eye talk, A heart must be the color of the tulip little.

alive keeps the heat one speech, Your heart may feel to every touch of spirit.

Chills and long scale of beloved intoxication, If we look in the eye of head cold nights are also pen.

Sadness of circulation to the eye is burning, He says maintaining borders Keep in protector.

I was not the only path to your destination, of fire as the love which is simmering  left.

Both windows eye is on both, So today you do not sleep, we slept .

Who is going to hang moon night sky, May each night under cover of clouds hide the moon come .

Lamps sat in the far corner extinguished, No matches were shown in the fourth watch of the night dreams .

Talk face to face not only the status of enemies, friends all of them were kind.

Valley in dreams of flower heart is not cured, garden out how color and smell business .

Beautiful  all had a romance at the heart of the storm, Dream Flowers buds r  in the bitterly.

Buds r dry earth is wet, Then wet one’s heart is a heavily-eye .

Time  do not get anywhere else to destroy, Thou enemy of my life is why mobile  made.

vibrate on shy high sky, How many open e secret night lapped.

Funeral  wreath on the back are also flower decorate, smell and happiness of flowers color does nothing to sad.

Sad flowers r million passion right side, Flower bloom be settled in part by  carnation .

flower Heart pains take lightly, Remember the threat of a hiccup comes in circles .

tears of flowers was also smelling, In poet separation weather be springtime winds right .

Everyone in the scene is reached, And flower proceeded without seeing faith and religion.