topper government,

topper government,
topper government,

topper government,

topper government is the strongest government implementation, The government has been sold to the right people here felt.

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fight tackled for citizenship will arise in the late night Rows of the mosque in the morning begging eyes temple will come.

When the name of religious curtain is worn, enjoyment veil is removed and the courtesan mines.

Consider then Movie Releasing not had enough of the screen, Tax evasion is not a mistake or they will pour in.

What did you think of the warlord, Warlord advisers mass What fire after devidation.

Those who are asleep felt golden floors in carpet, It is not open to forget home sky .

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the flower of valley and autumn season, cold of wind a bud of smile moved all relieved.

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It was written and composed by love philosophysaw climax of love to changed the meaning .

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You then take the ghalib mendicant celebrating with loved ones, Our joys are bent with the other.

Hindu or Muslim unnecessary conflict and dissension, What is a land of Hindustan Mother be .

funerals tradition shoulder in the city, live bodies do not resort.

Love like you had a long desire, Life does no longer request.

Generations as empty deserted property, Your love minarets became dwelling.

We have seen the changing destiny ridges, Whether arrange million money.

Brightness of happy faces changed, body age of mark were crumpled emergence.

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