unfaithful love,

unfaithful love,
unfaithful love,

unfaithful love,

unfaithful love, was we do unfaithful love Fate heart, So lets burn love ripening.
The rate for the sake of God made man, brought protection of door.

Rate and religion written on the wall of human, ancestors had owned their property.

Year after year, many of past peice the property were dispersed here and there.

Daily and new year wall were distributed new rate, Is the responsibility of every servant of property protector.

Saw  people came in before Diwali Eid, But every now come see nearest daily  had diminished.

giants picked up by chance these distances, Brother brother had told an enemy four.

Care is still being of few time without delay, Do not let injustice lamps burning house with a smile.

That is why request to every important and common, but may not be if the person lives Humane.

The alert will be waking up with alarm, There’s hours of each day throughout the city of temples, mosques with call to prayer.

Every year the fair will simply martyrdom of martyrs, The fair, will come and template hearted political licking.

The two had a love for two days lost in the moment, Some people drink, some were missed in bar.

India should not pay these guys religion here, get here home Ram Rahim Raskhan .

religion Which speaks of what truth, Who did justice to women and oppressed.

Wanting to spread all over the world, Sweet heart also met million, As if did not trust even the smallest.

Your hatred cemented my love for you to do so, We have seen many feud with world.

ME will not run rigion of religion position on rates, covered oppressed will therefore submit the curtain.

The rate is also the charm of biggest, Just by choosing the HQ keeps flowers gardener.

Where should simply not dare spoil bag of throne, The thorns are not simply kept the tie .

Bread owns sefness turned, Black was not bright and credibility bench